How it works

Your mind creates the house, our experience creates your home

How we work ?

NHPS has controlled property buyers who provide a one-of-a-kind rapid selling strategy that your typical estate agency practice just cannot provide on the open market. There will be no viewings, sales boards, and house chains; simply sell your property for cash.

We will purchase any house in any condition as long as it is located in the United States.New Horizons Property Solutions is a well-established national home-buying company that pays cash for properties and completes transactions on your timetable while paying all seller expenses.

Getting your house sold quickly with our easy 3-step process

Why New Horizons Property Solutions is a Good Investment?

You’ve undoubtedly figured out by now that we buy every property. So, why postpone?

Whether you need something completed within a week or want to align completion dates with a purchase, we can make sure you complete those objectives on time.

Nobody needs to know you’re relocating. NHPS minimises the need for advertising, for sale signs, or just having people poke about during viewings. Your transaction will be entirely confidential.

You can count on us to deliver after we make an offer on your property. We pride ourselves in what we provide and the service we offer, which sets us apart from the competition.

We will not entice you with unfair contracts or option agreements. You are under no obligation to sell at any stage during the process, and you will not be charged any fees if you want to withdraw at any time.

Selling property does not have to be a painful journey. Our accommodating team will be with you every step of the way, ready to take your call whenever you need us, ensuring that the procedure runs as smoothly as possible.

There’s no need to deal with obnoxious estate brokers who make promises but provide nothing six months later. We guarantee that we will purchase your property for cash now, with no delays.

What Is the Worth of My Home?

If you aren’t prepared to meet with a real estate professional and want a free online assessment, NHPS can provide you with a precise calculation. Simply put your postcode into our checker and respond to a few basic questions about your to get a no-obligation estimate of how much your property is worth.


What New Horizons Property Solutions Can Do For You?

When a property is valued, several factors are considered. Each factor can affect the price of the property in its own way. Examples of factors that may impact the selling price of your residence include:


Compare Your Choices!

A home sale can be challenging, and we understand this. Our team at NHPS will help you get the highest off-market price for your home on your timeline without expensive repairs- even if it needs updates or repairs. Because of this, our customers trust us and often recommend us to friends and family members.


Since our founding, we have been committed to openness and goodness, and you will notice the difference

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